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The relevant difference between the two containers lies in the different type of manufacture.

The seamed container has a fold at the base that allows the union between the bottom and the body of the drum itself. In this bending phase, a edible glue is placed so that the two stainless steel parts that come into contact can adhere perfectly and guarantee an high-quality container.

But welded drum is even better in terms of quality, that’s why is offered at a higher cost than the seamed container. Thanks to the butt welding (an innovative technique which sets the welding in the center of the drum) or to the bottom welding (concerning 75 and 100 liter drums) the container cleaning procedure is simplified by avoiding that food residues (responsible for the formation of bacterial colonies) can settle in the fold of the drum’s bottom. In this way the bottom is rounded and curved, deprived of the seam at the base.

We always recommend three different clening procedures for our products:

  • Mix of water and dish soap for an easy and swift cleanliness.
  • Mix of water and vinegar to clean up your drum thoroughly in case of organic residues and strong smell.
  • Mix of water and caustic soda for a perfect and accurate clearing. Just a care before this way: be sure to leave the upper tap of your drum opened otherwise there will be the suction of the inner sides of the product during this process.

First you have to remove the cover on the tap predispostion of your drum. You will find a hole where the spigot needs to be put.

Take your spigot (Sansone branded) and insert it to that hole, then rotate it until it is properly tightened. Please check carefully whether the spigot sticks completely to the predisposition.

The vacuum kit is a manual system useful to remove the air (which is responsible of the edible liquid alteration, like oil, wine, vinegar, honey, water, juices etc) from the container.

Our vacuum kit allows the air entry as soos as the liquid withdrwal starts and once this process is completed, this kit ensures to eliminate the air from the drum completely by keeping under control the vaccum gauge (already included in the kit).

First you have to unscrew the tap of the valve placed on the lid. Then, you must screw the vaccum kit provided with vacuum guage and pump in the place of the little tap which has been previously unscrewed.

Once the liquid has been taken, pump up with the handle of the vacuum kit until you reach -0,4 bar pressure (level is visible on the display of the vacuum gauge).

When you want to take some liquid out from the vacuum-sealed container, you have to unscrew the little tap on the vaccum system allowing the air entry (without a bit of air the liquid can’t be poured out due to pressurization) and once the withdrawal is finished, screw the tap again and redo the pumping precedure (as mentioned above).

Before filling the container up, be sure to put a gasket below the edge of the lid, otherwise the drum won’t be tight enough to store the liquid properly.

Take the gasket and put it carefully along the li dthread. Push it until the gasket reach the below part of the lid’s edge. Please check carefully whether the gasket sticks completely to the designated space.

Our products preserve their amazing quality and integrity whether they are stored in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight and away from any other atmospheric agent like rain, humidity etc.

Please be sure to place the container in a safe spot in order to avoid any aesthetic and qualitative damage.

These two liquids need specific requirements in order to be properly stored.

Our drums can be filled with vinegar without any problem, but however the spigot through which the vinegar will be poured has to be made in AISI 316 and not the standard one. Please be aware of what kind of spigot you will purchase if you need to store vinegar.

Concerning water storage, the standard drum can’t guarantee the perfect conservation of this liquid since water harms the sides of the container irreparably. To overcome this problem, we created a special drum which allows the water storage effortlessy. This drums receives a special treatment called “pickling” in order to retain water. You can find this specific container in the water section of our website.

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