Conditions of sale

The present conditions of sale discipline the sale of the products commercialized on the website These apply to all the trades realized in the website. Every person who make an order on the website endorse completely and without reserve to these present general conditions.

The seller reserves the right to modify the conditions of sale without any notification, reporting them on the website. The conditions as modified will be binding for each new order.

For further information it is always possible to contact SANSONESTORE.COM of La Nuova Sansone through email on the following address: or by phone at +390832361191 from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 12.00. Furthermore it will be possible to have first response through Twitter (account@sansonestore) indicating the order number and the problem spotted.

Seller identity

La Nuova Sansone submit the trades of the products realized through its website SANSONESTORE.COM.

The supply company of the commercialized products on the website is:




P.IVA 02514080759


All the adult natural people who have, personally, a current account, a credit card and an email address can benefit of all the sale services offered on the website.

The client undertakes to communicate to SANSONESTORE.COM the exact data and every modification of the given data in case of address change and variation of banking data. The client undertakes to preserve the  identity and access code secrecy due to be strictly personal.

How to conclude a contract

In order to conclude the purchase agreement  of one or more products on SANSONESTORE.COM, you need to fulfill entirely the order form in electronic format and transumi it to the Seller through network following the relative instructions. In the order form is included the deferment to the general conditions of sale, the privacy informative, the information related to the essential caratheristics of the product and the detailed indication of price, payment method and shipping and delivery costs.

Once the seller receives the order form, he will send you through mail the confirmation of the order with the receipt of the order containing a summery of the information already contained in the order form above-written.

The Client commits to verify the accuracy of the given data and to comunicate promptly potential corrections or modifications.

The trade is conditioned to the actual owed payment reception from the Buyer to the Seller address according to the established ways. Only then, the contract is considered finished and the Seller will be obliged to deliver the products. In case of missed or incorrect payment, the Seller will not send and deliver the products. In this case, the Seller will be free to sell to other buyers the ordered products.

The orders are considered always accepted according to in-stock availability: the Seller does not respond for the temporary or definitive unavailability of the product. In the event that it is not possible to accomplish to the order in its entirety for any reason, the order is considered limited to the part that can possibly provided.

The orders properly accepted could not be cancelled by the Client without the written agreement from the Seller, except for legitimate annulment in the forms and ways written below.

Product price

The price of the products are the one indicated in the Seller confirmed order and are IVA included.

SANSONESTORE.COM reserves the right to modify the prices every moment. Every modification will be referred to the new order and not to the one in progress. The Buyes is obliged to ensure about the sale final price before submitting the related order form.

The indicated prices affect only the trades that take place on italian soil, excluded the trades that involves the foreign.

These prices do not include shipping and transport costs of the products. These costs are indicated by the Seller in the order, reckoning with the type of product to be shipped, the distance to cover and the complete weight of the order.

Payment method

The accepted payment methods are:

–          Online, using Paypal system that permits the use of the most common credit cards

–          With bank transfer

–          By cash on delivery

Delivery time and way

The goods will be delivered from the Seller as soon as received the relative payment. From that date the delivery will take a period of time around 10-15  working days to arrive to the client address indicated at the moment of the order. Transport and delivery will be carried out by professional workers. For the address that presents some difficulties and/or access limitations for the commercial vehicles, the delivery will be consigned to the safekeeping of the local courier, subject to telephonic communication by the latter. We are not responsible for delays by the courier.

Potential delivery time reported on the order has to be considered merely approximate and not essential in accordance to the 1457 article of the civil code and, in any case, they do not include the time of transport. The Buyer renounce by now to demand for the dissolution, even partial, of the contract or for the damage compensation in the case of delivery beyond the period reported on the order.

In the case in which, for any reason, the Buyer will not be in the conditions of receiving the ordered products in the prefixed time, he has to correspond to the Seller eventual safekeeping costs or eventual re-sending costs. In that event, the Seller will be free from every responsability for the damage that could be reported both directly that indirectly to the products.

In the moment of delivery the Client has to control that:

–          The packaging is intact, not damaged, or anyway alterated in some way.

–          That the numbers of packages is the one indicated in the transport document.

Eventual damages to the product or to the packaging or the missing correspondence of the indications, has to be immediately contested to the courier putting the WRITTEN GOODS UNCHECKED, on the courier delivery proof. Once signed the courier document, the Client can not oppose any contestation about the integrity or corrispondence to the order of what it was delivered.

Website contents properties – author rights, brand and limitations of use

The completeness of the elements constituting the website SANSONESTORE.COM are protected by italian and internation law about author rights and intellectual property. To the client is forbidden reproducing the whole or a part, in every form or way, the elements present on the website.

The website with all its contents (included products, drawings, illustrations, photographs, graphics, items, texts and sounds, brands, commercial names, brand service, logos and dominion name) are property of MADE. All its exploitation rights are reserved to the same, included the photographic representations of the work present on the website. These are protected by the non-authorized use, in every form and way it happens or for every purpose it is put.

NON-AUTHORIZED USE implies, to merely exemplifying level, the copy, reproduction, pubblication, transmission, distribution, duplication, modification, ripubblication, as well as the loading, the download o every other inappropriate use of every content in integral form or even only partial.

SANSONESTORE.COM allows to the user and the clienta non-exclusive licence, limited to the purpose of access and display this website, of print the selected pages that appears for its own’s referring personal use, not commercial one, with every other use form exclusion not expressly authorized in these terms and conditions.

Right of withdrawal 

In accordance to the 64 article of legislative decree n. 206/2005, the Client “Consumer” (that is a natural person that buys good for purposes extraneous at the entrepreneurial or commercial activities eventually happened) has the right to terminate the contract without any penalty and without specifying the reason for the conditions related. The right of withdrawal can not be exercised by natural people that act for purposes connected to their own commercial enterprise neither for purchases realized by sellers or by every person who buy the good to resell it to third parts.

The consumer can not exercise his right of withdrawal for the supply contracts of made of order packaged goods or clearly personalized or that, for their own nature, can not be resent or that risk to deteriorate or alter rapidly.

The Client has the right to terminate the contract concluded with SANSONESTORE, without any penalty and without specifying the reason, within ten (10) working days passing from the day of the delivery of the products as long as it is confirmed through registered letter  with A/R to be sent to LA NUOVA SANSONE S.R.L. – Via Adriatica Km. 3 – 73100 Lecce (LE).

The communication can be sent, within the same time limit, also through telegram or telefax, only if it  is confirmed through registered letter with announcement of delivery within consecutive 48 hours and it has to present:

–          The manifestation of the will of using the right of withdrawal in accordance to the 64 article of legislative decree n. 206/2005.

–          The indication of the products for which the Client wants to avail himself of the right of withdrawal, with the indication of the article/es code/s.

–          The number of the order released at the moment of purchase.

–          The document of transport with the till receipt and/or commercial invoice

–          The data related to the checking account of the Client (Cod. ABI – CAB – Current account of the holder of the document of transport and/or commercial invoice

Once completed the order of the purchased product it can not be for any reason substituted or changed with another one.

Once completed these formalities, when you receive the communication of withdrawal, SANSONESTORE.COM   will comunicate to the client – if the withdrawal communication has been considered correct formally or substantially – the procedure to be adopted to open the withdrawal practice, by releasing the authorization for the return of the purchased goods.

In case of withdrawal, the re delivery of the products to SANSONESTORE.COM has to happen through courier within ten (10) working days from the receiving day.

After received the communication of authorisation from SANSONESTORE.COM, the company will send its own courier to retire the object. The box of the object has to be closed in all its parts, inside there ha sto be the product and there not has to be sign of tampering or bad use. SANSONESTORE.COM avail itself of the right of refusing to take the object because of missing respect of the procedure over indicated and in case the object is broken or damaged. Of this transport  the buyer will be responsible in case of missing care in preparing the packaging.

The cost of re delivery will be interely carriage paid and so they will not be refund by SANSONESTORE.COM.

The right of withdrawal, subject to respect the terms and way over descrive, is considered exercised correctly in the case these following conditions are respected:

  1. The good return form has to be correctly completed and transmitted to SANSONESTORE.COM to the address over indicated within ten (10) days from the receiving day.
  2. The products do not have to be used, damaged, wanting of essential elements of the product (accessories, etc..) or damaged by every different reason that is not caused by the transport to the Client, not signaled previously.
  3. The products have to be returned in their original package.
  4. The rendered products have to be sent to SANSONESTORE.COM in only one shipping.
  5. The rendered products have to be delivered to the courier within ten (10) days starting from the receiving day.

After receiving the good return and after verified that all the terms and conditions overindicated have been respected, MADE will send to the client a confirmation email of acceptation of the good return. Whatever was the used modality of payment, once verified that the right of withdrawal had happened in respect of the conditions overindicated, SANSONESTORE.COM will proceed with the refund of the costs of the products, through bank transfer or by crediting a voucher in the name of the Client on his account, in lesser time possible, and anyway within thirty (30) days from the receiving of the goods at the company seat.

In the case the ways and terms of the exercise of the right of  withdrawal are not respected, as specified in the previous points, the Client will not have the right to be refund.

SANSONESTORE avail itself the right to not accept the delivery and/or the goods that:

1)      Do not contain accessories, packaging and/or other elements sent by SANSONESTORE.COM

2)      Are realized without its authorisation

3)      Lacks of the requested documents overindicated

4)      Are not intact, that have been damaged or altered in their essential and qualitative characteristics.

In these cases, all the delivery costs for the purpose of the refund will be debited to the Buyer. Nevertheless, upon specific request, the Client can re obtain the products in  the condition they were returned, with delivery costs at his expense.


The goods purchased on SANSONESTORE.COM are always combined by a legal guarantee that covers the fault of production and the blaws of the same products – in the case the falts or blaws were present at the moment of delivery – for 24 months from the delivery day of the product.

The legal guarantee can not be valided by who purchased the products for his own entrepreneurial or professional enterprise, by indicating his VAT NUMBER.

The Buyer loose his right of guarantee if he do not report in writing to the Seller the fault or blaw within two months from the day he discovered the fault.

Once the Seller verified the existence of the fault and/or the blaw, the legal guarantee will give them the right to request to SANSONESTORE.COM:

–          Of customer’s choice, the restoration or substitution of the good, without any cost, provided that the solution requested do not prove to be impossible or extremely expensive respecting the alternatives, considering: the entity of the potential blaw, the value of the product without any blaw and the possibility that the alternative can be realized without causing remarkable inconveniences to the Client;

–          Only in the case the restoration or substitution are proved to be impossible, extremely expensive or too tardive or that implicate remarkable inconveniences for the Client, and do not result efficient to resolve the problem, the Client has the right to ask for a price decrease or for the contract dissolution. In the moment of determine the decrease or the amount to return there ha sto take into account the use of the good.

In each case, for small blaws for which it was not possible to proceed with the restoration o substitution of the product, it will not possible to proceed with the contract dissolution

Applicable law and competent court

All the concluded contracts are considered perfected in Italy and are exposed to the italian laws that regulate the distance trade, in specific the legislative decrees 15 January 1992, n.50, 22 May 1999 n.185 and 6 September 2005 n.206.